Playa Guiones

The morning took on a lackadaisical feel and we were unhurried in starting our day. I sipped tea on the small balcony checking out birds and watching people walking towards the beach. PJ was doing yoga in the casita and monkeys could be heard growling in the distance.

About mid morning, we made our way down to the beach. It was a an extreme low tide providing lots of tide pools to peek into. Some people sought out isolated pools to soak in where the water was heated up to spa like levels from the equatorial sun.

If we take care of the earth, she will take care of us

Odd bedfellows

We walked the length of Playa Pelada watching for the short trail that leads over the promontory at the end and drops you into Playa Guiones on the other side of the point. Surf City, there must have been a hundred surfers and would be surfers spread across the mile or so of beach breaks that make up the surf zone here. Tons of beginners on the inside working on their skills while the more experienced surfers were catching some good sized sets on the outside. The whole vibe was positive and hodads from 8 to 80 were out shooting the curl.

We popped up into town on the foot path that exits at the main parking area. We explored around the main avenue checking out the million dollar beach homes then returned to the Beach Dog Cafe where Eduardo served us a tasty brunch. Refueled from our traipsing the sand, we headed back to Pelada taking some time to cool off in the ocean in front of Olga’s. Retracing our steps, we came home for a dip in the pool and a major nap. We didn’t plan it that way but it must have been needed.

In the afternoon, we chatted awhile with our hosts, Mike and Patricia, then drove over to the river to check out a launching zone for the SUPs. From there, it was a short drive over to the Rinde supermarket to grab a few groceries for the week. We were home by nightfall and PJ went on a group call with some friends while I got something put together for dinner. Quiet evening in Nosara.

6 thoughts on “Playa Guiones

  1. Wow! What a great place to chill out, it looks amazing. Love the surf pictures!!! And tide pools galore. You guys look so happy!!! All is well here, acclimating. Folks are so friendly. Nice to be in RI. much love, Kim


  2. I’m back told you it would be a minute. I used to search in the tide looks in Hawaii, lots of fun and discoveries! I think that surfer girl lost her bottoms in the surf!!!! Love you both, be safe! Tutu


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