Playa Garza

Playa Garza rests on a serene bay about twenty minutes south of Nosara. By eight o’clock we were out of the casita and winding along the curvy jungle road to get there. A tour group that had come for surf lessons were floundering in about a foot of water with zero surf to learn on. I asked the hip gringa instructor with the camera on the beach about rip offs in the parking area but she wouldn’t even make eye contact. A Tica instructor was nearby and she said they have had no problems.

We launched into the bay and paddled out by a flotilla of random boats where we sat and put on our leashes and got wet to cool off. The wind was already picking up and it was a battle for the next hour as we worked our way against the stiff side shores until we reached the far side of the bay. The paddle back was easier but it was still going at an angle facing the wind to get in. A good morning workout. We rinsed off and explored the area a bit before heading home for breakfast.

We set off midday to check out the Bhodi Tree lodge just south of town. We wandered around the grounds doing our best not to disturb any meditators or people getting spa treatments. We climbed up to the bell tower and got a view over the dry jungle looking to the sea. A beautiful sprawling property with lots of private spaces to get quiet.

Heading home, we made a pit stop at Beach Dog Cafe for a smoothie and to pick me up a Beach Dog t-shirt. We sat at the stools overlooking the road and watched the world pass us by. The beach is right across the street, so we had a quick look at the blown out waves then returned home to relax.

In the late afternoon, we walked the beach down to Guiones and joined the throngs for a high tide surf. A little bumpy and bouncy but still a lot of fun. We got out shortly before sunset and set off for home hoping not to get caught in the dark. The sun set as we passed by Olga’s. Tons of spring breakers were reveling on the beach. Kids were standing by the blowhole getting sprayed, dogs were romping over the sand and families were nestled in shady nooks among the trees. An absolutely dazzling afternoon. We paused along with a hundred others and watched the sun melt into the ocean. Every one with a cell phone had it out to get that perfect selfie with the sunset as the backdrop. Monkeys were howling from the trees as we exited the beach for the short walk up to the house.

PJ going bananas

6 thoughts on “Playa Garza

  1. What great pictures! I loved the holder for napkins and silverware at the Beach Dog Café. The bananas looked a little too green to eat, PJ. Be careful! Hugs Are Medicine is a beautiful thought to have every day. Can you feel the one I’m sending? We celebrated Ginny’s 8th. anniversary Monday with virtual hugs and kisses. Be well. Love, Meema


  2. Hi guys, I’m having in my room in my name after the 2nd shot. It is kicking me good. I need your Sun to mellow out my muscles. Be safe as always and I love you!! Tutu


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