As I was sipping my morning tea on the balcony, the neighborhood troop of monkeys began their daily commute across the power lines on the other side of the street. There must have been a dozen or so following each other in a line looking to find a new location with something good to eat. A few large males would give out an occasional growl to let us know not to mess with the family.

Meditation and yoga started the day and we stayed close to home until the noon hour when the local AA meeting was held at the Bodhi Tree yoga center. It was a good sized group, close to thirty people, sitting in a circle around the bell tower overlooking the resort. It was awesome to connect and meet some new folks in Nosara.

After the meeting, we hit the beach at Guiones. We splashed around in the mushy surf for an hour or two. The blown out afternoon kept the crowds at a reasonable level and we played around until we could feel the sun starting to penetrate the layer of sunblock on our faces.

Our hosts, Mike and Patricia, were planning on firing up the barbecue this afternoon so our next adventure was driving into Garza to get some fresh fish from Alex at the Pescaderia on the bay. We got directions from the orange juice guy and PJ bought a cold cup of just squeezed juice to sample while I went into the fish market. Alex had dorado and tuna caught earlier in the day to pick from. I selected a big slab of dorado and Alex bagged it up and we headed home to cook it up.

We joined Mike and Patricia for a scrumptious grilled fish dinner on their patio. They are an interesting couple. Mike is a professional musician and Patricia owned an art gallery. We had lively conversation about a wide variety of topics. Mike gave me a impromptu guitar lesson and played a few songs for us. Fantastic evening with some cool people.

From Patricia’s garden

3 thoughts on “Nosara

  1. How wonderful a day you had! A meeting, surfing, and meeting new friends to share dinner. The orange juice must have been so refreshing and the fish looked so good on the grill. Was that a Bird of Paradise in the vase? Beautiful! Be well. Love you. Meema


    1. Best oj and fish 🐟 I think the flower is some type of heliconia, definitely close relative of bird of paradise. Our host set that up for us. Every other day, it’s something new and wonderful from her garden 🌺


  2. I must say that first picture of fish head was a little alarming! I miss grilled fish! Behave and be safe. Love you, Tutu


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