Playa Cambutal

A week has quietly passed in Playa Venao. We get in the ocean daily, either surfing, paddling, body boarding or just getting in a swim. We step out for walks and PJ has even started getting in a little running along the quiet roads. We love the condo and hanging on the deck sipping coffee in the mornings.

One morning, PJ got up and took off on a paddle across the bay alone. I started getting FOMO so I grabbed my board and met her in the middle of the bay coming home. She’s becoming bolder in her forays into the sea. When we got back in front of the pad, I pushed her into a bunch of the little waves coming in and she was surfing them into the sand. I paddled into a few too and we had a lot of fun.

Other days have been windy and overcast. We took off on a drive to get out of the house one day and drove east to Playa Cambutal. The road is beautiful with the verdant growth brought by the rains of the green season. It’s cattle country with ranches, farms and small pueblos scattered along the thin asphalt strip.

We walked the beach at Cambutal admiring the jungle covered hills and wide dark sand beach. Only a few other cars were parked and one other family was there dipping their toes in the warm ocean waters. There was a hotel at road’s end but not much else in the area.

We rolled back out the boulevard and slowly made our way over to Playa Guanico, a place with surf hostels and a big palapa restaurant. It looks pretty cool. Might be a spot to pack up our beach gear and come back and have a picnic.

Evening was settling in, so we made our way back to Venao and ordered up some dinner at the food court over at Wao Venao. Always something new to see on Panama’s southern coast.

8 thoughts on “Playa Cambutal

  1. You’ll have to keep a closer eye on PJ as she seems to have a daring, adventurous streak in her when it comes to paddling. You go Girl! The neighboring towns and villages are so beautiful. I think a picnic and boarding sound like fun. Be safe and well. Love you both. Meema


  2. PJ needs to be tethered! The country there is beautiful and I’m glad to see you hitting the surf. Stay well. Love, hugs and kisses. Meema


    1. For some reason, it had you waiting for approval. Except of course this one 🤨 I’ve got it sorted out. ☮️


  3. Wow!!! That was one big wave!! Thank you guys for your contribution!! Be safe in that water! Love you both! Tutu


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