Hanging Easy

When we’re not lounging around on the patio watching the tide going in and out, we are usually out for a paddle or a surf. One morning we heard a troop of monkeys calling out from the forest by the estuary so we took off on a quest to see if we could pay them a visit. We took the trail up the hill that goes over to Playita following their howls. We got close, but couldn’t get past a barbed wire fence and the thick undergrowth to see them. So we continued up to the resort and had a look at the grounds until a caretaker with a typical Panama hat and a chihuahua in his arms came up to us and asked for five Balboas each to get to the beach. Having empty pockets, we thanked him and slid back out the gate. The resort was old school rustic, but totally picturesque and welcoming. Definitely worth a revisit in the near future.

I want this chair!

What else? The occasional grocery run to Pedasi and plenty of paddling. Neighbors come and go as it seems most of the unit’s here are probably air bnb’s. A beautiful place to be. We met the German ambassador by the pool one rainy day and other interesting people. We’ve been having some extreme tides lately with some thunderstorms out to sea. We did a paddle around the channel between the island and the plumeria covered jungle. We had to dodge big pieces of trees and other flotsam rolling in with the tide. A good adventure. A great place to spend our days.

Heading to town
Happy drugs welcoming you
There’s home

2 thoughts on “Hanging Easy

  1. Beautiful scenery, surf, and birds. Haven’t been to a meeting in a week now. Ginny took me to Kent on Monday( doctors orders). Fluids, CT scan , lab work. Sick as a dog. Colitis/C diff so far. Karen will take me to doctor’s on Tues. to talk about abnormality seen on scan. Say prayers. Love you. Meema


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