Relaxing in the Ranch

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t had the gumption to sit myself down and write a post since the beginning of the year. It must be all of the dog walking and monkey watching that has cast a trance over me. When we aren’t out doing things, a lot of time is spent on the balcony checking out the array of birds that come by to say hello.

Squirrel Cuckoo

Monkeys have been making regular visits lately also and who doesn’t love a good troop of simians. As they say, they’re more fun than a barrel full of monkeys. Sometimes it’s our lone bachelor and other times, it is an entire family of a dozen or more.

The beach to the north leads past the estuary and down to the beach at Lagartillo. This, for me, is a more relaxing walk than Playa Negra because there are less people and fewer dogs for Oso to get tangled up with. Although he’s not fond of swimming in deeper water, Oso loves getting his feet wet and tide pooling is one of his favorite pastimes. Sometimes I have to actually hook him up with the leash to get him to stop trying to nab minnows locked in the small pools. Anyway, I’ve had a few of the family wonder why the blogging stopped and Uncle Clayton sounded like he was waiting for some new pictures. So this one’s for you Clayton!

8 thoughts on “Relaxing in the Ranch

  1. So nice to hear from you ❤️ Day hello to my dear friend PJ ❤️🌸🌼🥰 I have been very busy with planning Molly’s bridal shower and wedding. Life is full of beautiful feeling 🙏
    Stay well, safe, and peaceful all with God by your side🙏


  2. I know where you are as I see and hear you on KIS, but it was great to see the beautiful pics today. Oso is living the good life in his tidal pools. Are the monkeys Howlers? I’m guessing that PJ is hunting and gathering for more craft projects. I think I’ll run out to do an errand as we’re to get more snow today. Love you all. Meema


    1. Yes, they are howlers, monocongos, they can put out a lot of sound. Yep, PJ is always scouring for art supplies!


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