Random Ruminations

Just a few assorted shots from the past several weeks. Morning walks watching the sun come up. Oso enjoying the chase as he goes after wary eyed beach vultures. Day in and day out stuff. Explore the beach, ride a bike, cook up some fresh seafood from Christian’s fish truck. Jump in the clear 85 degree ocean and attempt to ride a wave or two.

A while back me and a couple of friends made the border run up to Penas Blancas to check in and out of Nicaragua before returning and getting another 90 day stamp in the passport for Costa Rica. A couple hours at the border, a shopping stop at the Liberia Walmart then lunch at the tourist buffet souvenir store. A day of getting stuff done.

There was a red tide that plagued us for about a week washing up dead creatures on the beach and discouraging us from swimming in the sea. One of the reason for the extra vultures that were beach combing with us. It was short lived and things got back to normal.

Kids, always maintain your bicycle in an upright position while riding
Right on the surgically repaired hip

A couple of the crew that work here in Rancho Playa Negra came by and cleaned all of the screens and windows. A couple of the high ones in the back were a stretch since those screens were screwed on and they had to reach up and get them undone. Place looks great. No more bird stains from the few careless flyers that occasionally take a bounce off of the glass.

Down by the creek
No country for young dogs!

Then it’s just more deck time watching the variety of varmints that come and go. Today I was focusing on the funky looking variegated squirrels as they hopped from tree to tree. One of them came upon a large ctenosaur blocking his path so he dodged by going upside down and sneaking underneath. Mischievous and never sitting still, always entertaining.

Art critic
I’m going to take over the world!
Iguana on top, squirrel sneaking by below

One thought on “Random Ruminations

  1. Ouch! Those bruises and scrapes look nasty. Be careful! I love that you end the blogs with a beautiful sunset. Thank you for the fun animal shots and I’m glad you got to extend your stay in Costa Rica. Love to you three. Meema


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