Rainbow Bay

Today was a full relax day at the lake. I was allowed to sleep in while PJ did the early morning canine patrol. Another cool morning in the higher altitudes. Birds are singing day and night filling the air with their sweet, varied calls.

We did another tag team on the paddling today. At 85 square kilometers, Lake Arenal is Costa Rica’s largest lake. Created in 1979 for a hydroelectric project, the lake flooded the old city of Arenal which now lies submerged at the bottom of the lake. Thus, Nuevo Arenal was established (New Arenal) where we are staying now.

PJ went first while Oso and I sipped tea and relaxed on the porch. After her hour was up, I descended the stairs to the dock and took my time exploring around Rainbow Bay. PJ spotted an otter on her outing. The best I could come up with was a gnarly snapping turtle in one of the narrow little fingers off of the lake. All passengers keep your hands and fee inside the windows! A good morning battling wind and enjoying the refreshing water.

We sat glued to the porch, feeling the sun warming our bodies talking about future possibilities and plans for the bit of life remaining before us. Go all in or play it safe? Be here or be there. Be there or be square, you know the constant ruminations of living. A platoon of leaf cutter ants had literally blazed a trail an inch wide through the small patch of lawn in front of the casita. Colorful birds were calling our eye darting in and out of the lush landscaping. A fulfilling way to while away a couple of hours.

Hunger was calling us to stir from our visualizations and fire up the diesel engine to rattle the few kilometers into Nuevo Arenal to grab seat at Soda La Plaza. Roxana was sweet and got our order going. Our host, Fulvio recommended it when I asked where the best casados were in town. He didn’t mention that Roxana was his sister-in-law. Keeping it in the family. Oso lay quietly at our feet as the brash Tico next to us kept up a non stop chatter talking about his dog (an Oso look alike), Monteverde and selling property.

After lunch, PJ had a peek in a few shops and we paid a visit to the overpriced and overhyped German bakery. We bought a crumb cake for ten bucks and wandered the neighborhood for a while. Oso was getting bored sitting with me on the curb so we packed up and returned to Rainbow Bay to sample a tasty slice of the vanilla coffee cake. Excellent pastry, not too sweet with swirls of flavor throughout.

That was about it for our casual day. Long, savory afternoon naps then the evening walk through the alternating landscaped grounds and the riparian valley area where they’ve left everything natural. Birds, birds and more birds. Not much in mammals or reptiles up here but so many new and colorful feathered flyers.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Bay

  1. “…talking about future possibilities and plans for the bit of life remaining before us. Go all in or play it safe? “. Bit of life?!! Please!!! You’ve got another 35-40 good years ahead of you! The best is yet to come my man! All in, go big!!

    Loving the living you’re doing right now. It’s truly about as good as it gets.


  2. Thanks for the beautiful pics – especially the birds. You two are still young and should plan on enjoying yourselves by doing what you’re doing now and look into other places to enjoy. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Love to the 3 of you. Meema


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