Happy Father’s Day

We want to express our deep appreciation to our dads, two humble men who have provided us with valuable life lessons and who always lead by example. Thanks for your support, generosity, and love throughout the years.

A Big Happy Father’s Day, Ray

Once again, we were up early. I woke with a surge of energy and we got busy packing and sorting. I cleaned out the furnace and made a run to Lowes to buy a new filter and more packing boxes. I cancelled their carpet guys since we opted to go with Home Depot. Back at the house, I replaced the air filter for the furnace and caulked the outlet pipe that we installed with the water heater pan. Before long, it was time to head out to San Marcos for a Bar-B-Que at my dad’s house. 

The burnt offering

Friends and family celebrating Ray’s big day

PJ had a nice conversation with her parents back in Rhode Island on the drive over. Enjoyed lots of conversation and laughter with the family and headed back home in the evening. Got back to Carlsbad in time to take the dogs for a walk as the sun was setting. Worked on packing up late into the night.

We send warm wishes out to Pam’s dad, Pete, in Rhode Island

A very special father’sday wish to Pete, our biggest fan

One thought on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. the Burnt Offering is the best. I hope you saved some for a later date. I’m sure it’s perfectly preserved in that condition and can be used as a tasty little jerky treat as you ramble south. . .


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