Gone with the Goodwill

PJ was up early and out the door to go for an early walk on the beach with her close friend Carmen. I fell back to sleep and was surprised to see that it was close to 9:00 when I opened my eyes to begin my new day. And a beautiful summer day it turned out to be. I started off by bubble wrapping the paintings on the wall.


I had picked up a bike box at El Camino Bike and it was the perfect size for packing our artwork. PJ pulled up around 10:30 and noticed that the neighbors had a couch and love seat out in their driveway. She walked over and saw that they had a sign on them for Goodwill.


When the truck pulled up, Pea ran across the street and asked if they would take the entertainment center and the big stuffed chair and ottoman. They were willing, so we hurriedly emptied the tv cabinet and disconnected the stereo and tv. Elias and Philip did all the heavy lifting and loaded the furniture on the truck and took it off to find a new home.


We settled in to a long day of packing things up and clearing off the walls. It looks like progress with so many things gone. Took photos of the Volvo to set up the ad on Craigslist and get one more item crossed off of our list.

Cali wondering what all the commotion is about

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