Gabriel and the Sexy Machine

Gabriel moved here from Brazil and has been hanging out in Ocean Beach surfing and living the good life in Southern California. The only thing missing was a sexy car to impress the chicks at the beach. This is where we were here to help. After posting PJ’s convertible Volvo on Craigslist, we got the standard low ball e-mails and a few people who were serious about checking out the vehicle. One middle aged mom came by looking at it for her teenage son, but found too many imperfections in the 16 year old vehicle. I got an excited response from a young man named Gabriel saying that this car was his dream and could he come buy it. I called him the following morning and he got another Brazilian buddy and his girlfriend to immediately drive him up to the house to see the car. They were open and funny and filled with positive energy. They went through the car carefully checking everything out. We disclosed all the issues, things like the passenger door only opening from the inside and the fact that there is only one key and Volvo charges an arm and a leg to make a new one.


None of these things did anything to curb Gabriel’s enthusiasm. He was excited and drove around with PJ, both of them throwing their arms in the air hooting and proclaiming the Volvo a “sexy car”. Gabriel came in the house and did some paperwork then we went outside and took some pictures and shared hugs all around. Pretty much unlike any car selling experience I’ve had. Everyone was stoked and Gabriel went rolling down the road with the breeze in his air and a big smile on his face. Volvo sold! One more thing to scratch off the list.


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