Feeling the Vortex


We were both up at 7:00 this morning and PJ really wanted to take a hike on the trails up above the campground. There is an area up there that is supposed to be connected with the spiritual vortex that is associated with the Sedona area. By the time we fed the dogs and got prepared to go it was after 9:30 and the temperature was starting to rise. The high today is predicted to be in the low 90s. We brought plenty of water and started climbing the road Schnebly Hill.


A large number of tourist filled Jeeps drove past us taking visitors on a vortex tour of all the supposedly magical sites in the red rock country. It soon turned to dirt and we located the trailhead about 1.5 miles up the hill. We hiked on about 45 minutes further until we came to a little rock hollow where we took a break and sat for a meditation. PJ had some affirmations and we set our intentions for our future travels and discussed our aspirations and the things we hope to accomplish as part of our new traveling lifestyle and where we would like to find ourselves as our journey unwinds.


The dogs were loving the freedom of running off leash and Koda was taking the opportunity to splash in the large mud puddles left behind by the recent rains and to lie down in the cooling water. She jumped up and pranced around like a puppy. A passing Jeep full of tourist stopped take pictures as if she part of their tour.


The vistas were amazing. We had a view of the entire valley and all of the surrounding rock formations. They all have names like Bell Rock, Coffee Pot Rock, Chicken Point, Cathedral Rock, etc. I couldn’t tell you one from the other but they are all pretty amazing and together make for breathtaking presence as you stand on the trail and take it all in.


red rocks


The sun was heating up so we decided to hike back down the hill before the ground started getting to the point where it would burn the dogs little feet. They were happy to get back to Lexi for a cool drink of water and a shady spot on the grass to take a nap. We ate some PBJs and I took a long shower in the exceptionally clean bathroom facilities. You know your camp is upscale when the toilet stalls have magazine racks with Fortune magazine and the New Yorker to read while you do your business.


I downloaded our pictures and we laid around checking them out until I developed a migraine and had to rest for most of the afternoon. As the shadows lengthened, we rallied and took the dogs for a walk around camp and down by the creek. Water is looking much clearer. Tomorrow might be the day to hop in for a swim. 93 is the forecast high. I cooked us up some rice and we ate it with cheese covered garden burgers. Pretty quiet night afterward.


2 thoughts on “Feeling the Vortex

  1. Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous land indeed, Mike. Truly God’s country. Continue to live this experience to the fullest and we will do our best to live vicariously through you!


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