Chac Bored

Day 2, El Chaco

The rain started pouring in the late evening Friday with lightening and thunder over the ocean. We turned on the A/C in an attempt to keep the dogs from freaking out. We tried the internet at the restaurant again, but it was really poor and spotty. It would occasionally connect to a webpage for a minute but no way would it download pictures. Slept fitfully through the night.

Saturday morning, Matanchen Bay

It rained most of the day Saturday. I took a walk with dogs down towards Aticama. Not too many people about on this gloomy morning, a lady in her PJ pants collecting cans, a gringo walking his dog, and a cowboy driving his herd down the beach.

We spent a lot of time inside reading and hanging with the pups. In the afternoon, we ventured out and took a hike into Aticama. We thought maybe we would explore renting a casita in the area so we had a look around. We took down a few numbers and were told to talk with the local gringo expats that would all be attending the tanguis (flea market) tomorrow morning. After that, we walked home and went for a swim in the ocean. Again, after body surfing a wave or even just diving under one, the fine silt that passes for sand here would fill every nook and cranny of your shorts including the hems. My hair was inundated and scratchy feeling and my shorts gained 5 pounds. It was then that we realized that as much as we like to cool off in the water, this beach wasn’t going to work for us. A beautiful jungle location, great for someone who likes to be seaside without actually getting into the water. We swam in the pool to rinse ourselves out. Lots of Mexican tourists for the weekend bobbing around in the pool. Teenagers making out, a family standing around the shallow end and a kid in water wings kicking from side to side. We wove our between them.

On closer inspection, the area has a ton of trash and Aticama looks a little beaten down. All along the waterfront mounds of disposable bottles and plastic bags choke the rocks along the sea wall.

Lexi across the bay

Rain kept on falling. We tried the internet again, but to no avail. Went to bed and slept poorly. Lots of odd dreams and being awakened by the storm.

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