Bucerias Christmas Eve

The ten o’clock van was full going into town this morning. The couple two doors down with the little girl and their friends from Ohio were all heading to the beach with all of the coolers and beach gear. Joaquin dropped me near the salon and I searched out a breakfast spot to grab a bite to eat and relax until my appointment at 11:00. Found a little restaurant, Rosa Mexicana a few blocks away and ordered up some scrambled eggs. I was the only patron on X-mas eve morning. Food was just okay and the prices were a little high. Funny how the perspective changes, a three dollar breakfast is overpriced. 

Arrived at Fer’s salon right on time and sat in a chair to wait while other clients were getting the finishing touches on their Christmas makeovers. There were two chairs for waiting in the foyer about three feet apart facing directly at each other. There was already another older gringo sitting in one so I sat and we were eye to eye awkwardly trying not to stare at each other. It was comical really. The other guy gave up trying make like he was looking off in the distance and closed his eyes and meditated until my name was called.

I thought my appt. was with Fer but I got the gal in the other chair, Lys. She was a sweet young lady, but not sure how long she was out of beauty school. One thing I’ve figured out over the years is that hair grows back no matter what I do to it, so I never get too freaked about not getting the perfect cut. I showed her pictures of my last haircut because I really liked it, but her’s came out looking nothing like it. Pretty short. It’ll probably make PJ cryπŸ˜•.

I had fun with the whole experience then walked over to Chedraui and bought some cold cuts to make a tray for tonight’s soiree at Lupe’s place. I was carrying the camera and a little can of hair stuff I’d bought at Fer’s. I didn’t want to carry it into the store so I grabbed a little hippie backpack at a market stall and put my gear in it checking it at the door at Chedraui. 

The new backpack

I wanted to find a poinsettia to bring along also, but couldn’t find any place selling them. I walked along the lateral road looking at shops then came to the little diagonal road that acts as the short cut to get onto Estaciones. I worked my way across the highway dodging cars Frogger style to get to the center then on across the lateral on the far side. I ended up walking all of the way home maybe three miles. Worked up a good sweat in the afternoon sun.
Got home and let the dogs out to have a walk around. The house batteries in the RV haven’t been getting fully charged. The coach is partly shaded where it’s parked, so I plugged it in. I’ll let it charge up and then probably connect it up one day a week or so to keep the batteries topped up. Took a nap then did a little yoga then jumped in the pool for a late afternoon swim. The explosives were already going off and Cali was hiding in he shower. I gave them some anti-anxiety pills from the vet and hope that helps tonight.

Poor Cali, such a sensitive flower

Set up my tray of appetizers, got showered, then went over to Lupe’s for her Christmas dinner party. Not being the most socially adept guy, I was feeling a little awkward at first standing there sweating in my guayabera shirt. A friendly guy named Dan rescued me, engaging in conversation and introducing me to others as they came by. He and his wife, Debbie are boat captains and live and work out at the marina. There were about 25 to 30 people from all walks of life, an interesting and eclectic mix of locals and expats. 

A rare appearance in pants

Another couple, Canadians with a background in elder care, are creating an assisted living facility out in the valley to provide for both local and expat seniors. This is an idea PJ and I have talked about volunteering or being involved in, having a number of family members who are accumulating a large number of birthdays.  The costs can be less than a third of what care goes for in the U.S. or Canada. Their home will initially start with five units and will break ground this spring.

Sorry about the blurred phone pic, hope it gives an idea

A full on turkey dinner was served up with tons of amazing side dishes. Conversations and laughter filled the open air pavilion that is Lupe’s home. The epitome of ‘open concept’, the roof is very high and the rooms are but partitions giving areas definition, but not separation. The air flows freely, beautiful art and decoration is everywhere and the energy is amazing. 

Around 11:00, I said good night and came home to check up on the perritas. The colonia behind us was bursting with celebration, music was blaring and bombs were exploding. I took the dogs out for a quick walk, but a few firecrackers were all Cali could take and she was pulling hard for the safety of her bed. Tried calling PJ but the cell service sucks and we were breaking up and it was getting frustrating, we said goodnight and will try again tomorrow.

A very Merry Christmas to all of our family and friends around the world. May your day be blessed with family and joyous celebration. Much Love, Mike and PJ

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