Carlsbad Boardwalk

First agenda item for the day was a visit to the dermatologist. I’ve been going to the same outfit for years coming every six months to give the skin a once over. The dermatologist found a few small basal cell patches that she froze up and also put the freeze on a couple little bumps that were bugging me. She set me up with some samples of creams and sunscreens then sent me on my way. Good for another six months or 10,000 miles whichever comes first.

Nice shirt, dude!

My friend, Jeff, who I’ve known since junior high agreed to meet me over by the power plant, so I cruised on over there and we went for a long walk along the beach in Carlsbad. We caught up on things going on in our lives as we strolled along the sea wall then along the boardwalk above Tamarack beach. The day turned out to be sunny and beautiful although still a little on the cool side. We saw lots of people out taking advantage of the fine weather and the Carlsbad cops taking advantage of unsuspecting tourists as they manned the usual speed trap they always work along coast highway in front of the power plant. Filling the municipal coffers.

We worked up an appetite on our beachfront hike, so we hopped in Jeff’s car and headed over to Sushi Kuchi for a couple of lunch specials. It was awesome seeing Jeff and hearing about the latest news on the Sprague family front. He dropped me off by Cannon park and I walked back over to the car and headed back to San Marcos for a well needed nap.

Took it easy for the rest of the day doing stuff online and lounging in the guest room. Used to be my bedroom back in the 60s and 70s. A lot of living has been done in this house. The family purchased it new back when I was eleven or twelve for $19,000. Hatfield Homes was the developer. It’s been close to fifty years now. I remember coming to visit the site as it was being built, sitting on the stack of drywall in the garage of the freshly wood framed house. I skateboarded up and down this hill so many times I must have logged a thousand miles. There are still a few of the original families up here at the top of the hill, but most of the faces have changed and lots of neighbors have come and gone. Pretty soon Dad will be like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, the last old holdout from the glory years. “Get off of my lawn!” Only with us, it was an old Ford LTD with a door that wouldn’t open, but you get the idea.

Sandy, Dad and Dawnn put together a savory stir fry while I was FaceTiming with PJ then talking with my sister on the phone. Pamela had a down day in Bucerias as well, just hanging around the complex relaxing with the dogs. Good to take it easy.

PJ’s day in Los Arroyo Verdes

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