Laid Back and Lazing

Yesterday, we spent most of the morning getting packed up, then Eduardo came by in the afternoon with the van and a couple of workmen and helped us load our gear and transfer it over to the motorhome. PJ went to work finding a place for everything and setting up house. I did my best to stay out of the way walking dogs and organizing things outside. Things seem a little tighter in the small space but we got comfortable and had a decent night’s sleep.

Today, we were up fairly early, doing a little reorganizing and having a cup of tea before grabbing the hounds and stepping out to stretch our legs. We went all the way into the outskirts of town where we were sidetracked by a Mexican guy who had worked for many years in San Diego. He was walking back to his plastic sheet house carrying a skewer of shrimp on a stick, an interesting choice for breakfast. He seemed mildly high. It was a bit early to be drinking so maybe he was still a little buzzed from the night before. He would have kept talking all day if we hadn’t gently broken away. He kissed PJ’s hand, we said adios then hiked on back to the house.

Tending the Pineapples

We stopped in at the restaurant and relaxed in the cool shaded patio ordering up breakfast and hanging out by the pool. It was a nice diversion, quietly sipping coffee and watching the people swimming in the blue water. 

We headed back to camp where I broke out the hammock PJ had bought for me and I hung it up on the trees at the far end of the drive. I lounged for an hour or so reading another novel I had selected from the book exchange until the sun shifted and I got too hot.

We spent the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing. Reading in the RV, doing yoga in our little yard and sitting out on the patio. Totally chill, laid back and lazing.