Into the Sea

Started the morning with a walk down the beach. Cruised about halfway down to the point then turned back. When we reached the entrance to El Pequeno Paraiso, we jumped in the ocean and enjoyed the cool clean water. First time in the water for my ear and everything feels fine. Koda had a dip then we headed back to the tower and had a bite of breakfast. 

PJ is still in organizational mode. The neighbors next door left at around 1:30. We rode our bikes into town while Maria cleaned up the room. Being Sunday, many of the restaurants we were hoping to eat at were closed. We rode out as far as the highway then doubled back and ended up eating quesadillas served up out of some people’s backyard. 

One Corona too many

Satisfied, we picked up a load of groceries at the small store and hauled them back out to Pequeno Paraiso. We couldn’t stop the handlebars from turning into the curb in front of the ice cream store. Grabbed a paleta and we sat on the curbside chairs watching life go by on the dusty cobblestone street. A caravan of RVs from Quebec rolled past heading to one of the trailer parks on their way back north. We paused in the town square and took a few pictures then headed for home.

The second studio was cleaned up and ready for us upon our return. We put some of the groceries away then relaxed on the balcony. We decided to take an exploratory walk around some of the back streets and see what was there. The dogs were game and we headed out the door. Quite a few gringo estates along the dusty lanes. We wandered a while then popped back  out at the beach and climbed back up the four flights of stairs to the upper deck.

That’s us on the top floor!

Gringo houses

PJ got serious about swabbing the deck and got a bucket and got busy. I didn’t have the same amount of energy or desire so I played a little guitar and read a book. Around sundown, some angry lady from downstairs come up and asked PJ what she was doing. She said the water running off of the balcony was blowing a mist onto her patio. PJ apologized and explained that we had rented the entire upstairs and were cleaning it up to set out our rugs and mats to make an area to do yoga and hang out. The lady tried to claim that the upstairs was public space but PJ wasn’t having it. Her fiend below yelled up should she run and get the managers. PJ said by all means if you feel the need, call them over. They disappeared in a huff complaining about not having their place for star gazing.

The encounter threw a total wet blanket on our moods and PJ was clearly bummed. Just looking for some peace and privacy. Subdued evening eating a papaya that was ripened to perfection. We’re both a little tired and looking towards a fresh day tomorrow.

No hitch hikers!