Low Key and Laid Back

Another low key and laid back day. Spent a lot of time up on the deck doing yoga and meditating. 

PJ set us up with a couple of plates of fresh fruit topped with yogurt and chia seeds. We sat on the sky deck watching the neighborhood happenings. I saw Miguel and cruised down and gave him a little token birthday present, guitar strings and a portable bike tool.

In the afternoon, PJ was heading over to Sayulita with one of her gal pals to check out the woman’s meeting in town. I followed her into Lo de Marcos central where she was getting her ride. Bernal’s sells bulk dog food out of large sized bags from Costco, so I scooped up a kilo or two and filled a plastic bag. Grabbed a few more items then moved over a block to get off the cobbles and onto the asphalt side street. I hit the ferreteria and picked up a new faucet for the outside tap that rusted out and fell apart the other day. Pedaled home and lounged for a while.

I was a little hot from all the activity, so I walked over to the beach and went for a quick swim. The water had dropped a few degrees and the dip was definitely refreshing. The crew was setting up the beach deck in anticipation of tonight’s open mike event, the last of the season.

I went upstairs and cooked up some eggs and beans and laid low. Not sure when Pea’s getting back and I wanted to be here when she arrives. Sat out on the open deck watching the evening progress. A flow of people coming and going. The music started up and I could hear people’s songs. PJ got home around 8:00. I cooked her some dinner and we took it easy. Walked the dogs down towards town then hid out inside. As the night goes on, the open mike ends up with Juan on his organ and people all dancing and singing along to La Bamba and other old favorites. The wind is blowing colder than normal. Looks to be good for sleeping.