No Fish for You!

I was awake early and, try as I might, I couldn’t get myself back to sleep. At seven, I quietly slid from the bed and took my fishing pole from its place against the wall and went down to the beach to try my luck. A couple of fishermen were preparing their boat for a day of work. We talked for a while about fishing then I worked my way out to the point casting my Crocodile out into the clear water and retrieving it a rate calculated to be most attractive to any passing fish. But it wasn’t proving so attractive, or perhaps there were no fish loitering in the general area.

I chose a spot near a small blowhole, well a blow crevice actually. Just a little slot in the rocks that directed the waves into a dead end that would launch the seething foam up into the air. The water would occasionally pulse up over the flat outcrop and swirl around my legs trying to pull me towards the edge. I gave fishing an honest effort until my lure caught caught in the rocks and the supposed high strength braided line cut like butter leaving me helpless against the hordes of snappers waiting to be pulled from the sea.

I leaned on a large boulder and sipped the rest of my tea before hiking back to the tower to make some breakfast. Neither of us is feeling particularly healthy yet, so most of the day was spent in a hammock reading or napping in the back unit. We hit the beach for a swim around midday. There were a few small waves, so I took out my swim board and caught a few little shore pounders. Back on the tower, Koda kept a watchful eye through the ramparts to make sure no enemy approached unseen.

On Lookout Duty

At five, we rode our bikes down to the humble block building where the AA meeting is held. There was maybe a dozen or so people from different parts of the U.S. and Canada. We were standing around talking afterwards when the tell tale loss of central vision began to happen. The squiggly halo was starting to appear and I knew a migraine was on the way. 

We said our goodbyes and made a quick stop at the store then raced home where I laid around in the dark for the rest of the evening. We had peanut butter sandwiches later on and watched a little t.v. before getting an early rest.