The camp was quiet this morning as we methodically folded up our little flying circus and prepared to move on to our next designated location. By the time we showered, organized our belongings and sat in the morning sun munching a bowl of cereal and berries, it was nearly 11:00 o’clock.

Our first stop was directly across the street at the lawn mower emporium where we hunted down a young man to fill our propane tank. Justin topped us up with 6.5 liters and we rolled a few more miles down to the Shaw’s grocery store. After reloading the cupboards, we backtracked down Atlantic Ave. to the coast highway we rode our bikes on the other day.

The sun was out but not too hot, a perfect day for cruising the beach. The parking lots were full and there were quite a few people packed in on the few stretches of sand tucked in among the mostly rocky shoreline. The surf looks like it might have picked up four or five inches since yesterday.

A cop was rousting a couple of suspicious looking pedestrians as we neared Petey’s seafood. Back when I was involved in the biotech conferences we attended in Portsmouth, a couple of the other attendees and I would ditch a few of the seminars to go to Rye to surf or kayak. Afterwards we would hit Petey’s for some fish n’ chips or stuffies.

Soon, the road bent inland and we entered Portsmouth just long enough to get onto the bridge that takes you over the water and into Maine. Portsmouth is a cool title town that we have both visited a few times before, so for now we are continuing past and on to Kennebunkport. We exited the interstate and took the small coastal road through small towns and the touristy but pretty Ogunquit where we had to navigate a bit of summer beach traffic.

A short drive further and we entered Kennebunkport, a sweet little port town with all of the cutesy specialty shops that the wives like to torture their husbands by browsing endlessly through each one. The town was buzzing with life. Most people appeared excited to be there with the exception of this one guy crossing the bridge.

A few more miles out into the boonies brought us to our campground for the night, Sandy Pines. We checked in, found our spot and leveled everything up. A nice spot in the shade of some trees. We are the end space and backed up onto the woods, so the only neighbors are across in front of us.

We had missed lunch, so we ate an early dinner then took a hike down to the salt marsh and sloshed around in the muddy reeds along the bank. We were hoping to find a trail to the beach, but were disappointed. Koda is a big fan of wetness and mud, though, so she was stoked with the afternoon’s trek.

We toured the camp, lots of trees with sites strategically hidden among the bush. Near the office, there are a large number of ‘park model’ mobile homes that folks can rent or purchase. The pool looked nice, but it was infested with squealing kids. We thought about making the one mile walk down to the nearest beach, but Koda was looking tired and it was getting late so we opted to lounge around in our folding chairs and enjoy the quiet.