Goose Rocks Beach

Passed most of the morning catering to the dogs, multiple walks and a bit of brushing. Did some e-mail correspondence and firmed up plans for this weekends visit with Aunt Norma and Uncle Clayton. PJ spent some time on the phone with her parents while I organized some photos. Basic taking care of business start to the day.

At noon, we slid our beach towels and bathing suits into our bike baskets and pedaled down to Goose Rocks Beach. We staked out a section of sand and laid down in the warm sun. There were a few people down for a beach day, but none of the madness we’d seen down in New Hampshire. We went for an ice bath in the chilly northern waters, then took a walk to the north where the shoreline takes a turn to the left.

Beware the green headed biting fly

A few surfers headed out, tossing their boards into boats to cruise out to some outer reef surf spots that must catch a better angle for the small swells rolling through the area. There were lots of kayaks of different sizes and styles paddling across the calm glassy water.

The crowd around the bend was a little larger and the water seemed even cleaner and clearer. We took another dip and watched people while taking photos out on the point. Sunny skies, temps in the high seventies – if you could only heat the water up a few degrees, it would be paradise.

About 3 o’clock we cycled back to camp and ate a quick snack before hailing a Lyft on the smartphone and catching a ride into Kennebunkport center. Daniel, our driver, was a local and gave us his best tips on the drive into town.

The town is picturesque with the usual array of restaurants, boutique shops and general tourist trappings. Also, tons of traffic, both on foot and in cars lining the road. I sampled a large variety of chairs and benches while PJ filled her afternoon browsing all the geegaws that the artsy shops had on offer. The views are spectacular and the town is filled with historic buildings all prettied up and bursting with color from all of the flowering plants blooming in boxes, planters and gardens throughout the downtown.

Having worked up an appetite from all of our wanderings, we found a seat at the Pilot House and ordered up some dinner. Being in Maine, it wouldn’t be proper for me to leave the state without ordering up a lobster, so that's what I did. We sat at an outdoor table overlooking the river and enjoyed the cool breeze while savoring the buttery delicacy. The tide differences are huge. Today’s change was over nine feet leaving lots of boats high and dry at low tide.

After dinner, we walked around a little more watching the sun go down from the bridge on the Kennebunk River. Beautiful end to a stimulating day. Tapped in a Lyft on the phone and five minutes later Allen pulled up to the curb and drove us back to camp.