Keep Calm and Camp On

Total down day at Emerald Lake State Park. Stayed in bed late keeping cozy against the morning mountain chill. Spent a lot of time outside eating breakfast and enjoying the cool day. I hiked over to the daddy long-legged infested showers and rinsed the eau de campfire smoke and deep woods Off scent from my unbathed self.

Put in some hammock time in the afternoon, then took the RV down to the dump station and emptied the waste tanks and filled up the fresh water tank. We should be good to go for a few more days. I drove the 3 or so miles to the General Store and picked up some creamer and another aerosol can of mosquito repellent.

Emerald Lake gets the award for Most Scenic Dump Station

We sat around a nice fire for the evening and burned a couple of hot dogs. PJ had a veggie burger and the dogs lounged around the camp. Some new neighbors, an older couple in a Jayco class c, pulled in a few spots over. Nice and quiet, easy flowing Wednesday.