Rain Delay

It was pouring rain all day at Emerald Lake State Park. We weren’t overly motivated to get out of the rig, so we lounged the morning away reading and goofing around online. We forced the dogs out into the rain every so often and did our best to keep dry.

We had planned to go over to the Bill Wilson House at around 4:00 to have a tour then join the weekly Friday dinner before the AA meeting. PJ went to shower up first and as she was coming back, the biggest squall of the day rolled through. Large puddles blocked the entrance to our site. I got cleaned up next then we went to close up the slide out and go empty the holding tanks.

But….the slide out wouldn’t move. Once again there was no power to the slide out. Arlington RV really failed me on this one. Back at Rye NH, I had cleaned up all of the terminals and it seemed to do the job up until now. Maybe the rain has something to do with it. I switched all of the relevant fuses and double checked all of the wire nuts. I bypassed the inline fuse but still no push. The afternoon was getting away from us but there was no going anywhere with the slide out poking out of the RV. The guy from the camp next door came by but we couldn’t figure anything out. There is a ratchet point to manually jack it in but I couldn’t figure out how to unlock it. I was getting a little frustrated, not so much at staying put, but for staying put with full waste tanks and an empty water tank. I found a forum online with a link to the motor manufacturer and discovered the tab to unlock the motor and ratchet the thing in. It was close to seven by the time I got the slide out in.

PJ pushed for us to take off and see if we could at least make the meeting. We headed down the hill pausing to toss our trash then hitting the dump station to empty the ugly and refill the fresh. It was only a few minutes down the road to East Dorset and we were there with a few minutes to spare. Parked in front of the church and headed in for some welcome fellowship. A step study meeting led by a visitor from Massachusetts. The Wilson house draws a large number of out of towners who come to visit what is both the birth place and resting place of the founder of AA, Bill Wilson and his wife, Lois. Excellent meeting, always good to get a fresh take on things and see how AA is practiced in different areas.

We stopped at the little general Store on the way out and then sliced our way through the thickening fog back to our camp spot where I manually ratcheted out the slide and we read for a while before turning in.