Thanksgiving in August

PJ was up for sleeping in this morning, but I was awake early and unable to get back to sleep. I put together a short grocery list then slipped out and headed down for a quick walk along the boardwalk before swinging by the Vons for a few staples to carry us through the week. It was a beautiful morning and the beach was already crowded when I pulled into one of the few remaining open parking spots on the bluff at Tamarack. Although the surf was tiny, abnormally warm water temps and sunny skies drew large numbers of surfers to every little peak and reef along the shoreline.

A group of swimmers was treading water and preparing for a bunch swim down the coast. It looked like the tri-club I used to swim with starting at the parking lot and going a half mile or more down towards Dini’s then making a u-turn for the return leg. The calm water was perfect for a swim or fishing off the jetties where the lagoon enters the sea.

I drove through the village checking to see which businesses have changed and what new construction is going up in Carlsbad. It looks like a new hotel is being built across from State Beach. Our friend’s music store is looking finished and ready to open on Elm Street. I pulled into the Vons and did my shopping then went back to the apartment and we kicked back not doing much of anything until it was time to head over to my sister’s house for a turkey dinner.

Lee had baked up a large bird with all of the Thanksgiving style fixings to give the Danes a taste of Americana during their visit. We spent some time chatting and sitting around the backyard then gathered around the table for the feast. Turkey, stuffing, roasted potatoes, mash carrots, grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes. We sat for a while recovering afterwards and talking about the week ahead.

Fighting off a food coma, PJ and I drove back to the beach down near the power plant and did our best to walk off some of the dinner. Parking was at a premium as the summer’s winding down and families were getting in one last beach day before school kicks off this coming week. The sky was a bit overcast but the sun did its best to peek through as it sank below the horizon.

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