Doctors and Leftover Tacos

Slept in this morning recovering from turkey sedation by the meal from the night before. We moved about the little apartment leisurely sitting by the pool and reading the news. At 11:30, we drove the few blocks over to my dermatologist and got me a good looking over and a quick freeze on multiple little questionable sun spots randomly located on my body, mostly face and arms. PJ came in with me and the Dr. brought along a student, so with the nursing assistant, we had 5 people crammed in the little room to enjoy my nakedness. I’ve been going here a long time and everyone is really laid back so it was like a mini house party at the skin doctor’s.

From there we drove over to Encinitas for PJ’s check up and cleaning at the dentist. She dropped me at the bottom of Santa Fe and I walked through the Swami’s underpass over to the beach. Waves were small and bumpy with very few takers although Swami’s always has a few stalwart surfers bobbing around no matter how bad the conditions.

It was a short stroll over to the Java hut where I ordered an iced chai along with a Krakatoa bagel then sat outside at a bistro table waiting for John. He arrived a few minutes later and we sat in the shade catching up and watching the world go by. He’s looking pretty relaxed and healthy for a guy who spends his time chasing around a pair of young children. Self employment suits him and has been allowing him more opportunities to hone his surfing skills. Showed me a few baby pictures, finished his lunch and headed back to the office to continue his work day.

PJ picked me up on the corner and we went to do a drive by on the house. The tenants seem to be keeping up the place. A few plants have gone by the wayside but the lawn is alive and the trees are still mostly green. We sat down at Riviera Park and made a few phone calls then it was time to make our way over to Dad’s for leftover taco fixin’s from his birthday bash. Traffic was quickly coagulating as we neared the 78 intersection. One thing we aren’t missing about the California lifestyle is the traffic. We had a pleasant evening sitting outside having dinner on the patio. Great spending time with my older sister Christine. PJ was eating it up as the family started in telling embarrassing stories of things we’d done as kids. I saw her quietly taking notes in order to re-embarrass me at a later date. It was soon time to go, so we traversed the lanes of the busy highway back to the pad and had an early night’s rest.

7 thoughts on “Doctors and Leftover Tacos

    1. Thanks Rosie. I’ll probably be popping by the shop to haunt Will before heading back east. Hope all’s well in Schellenger World


  1. Nice to have the local posts. Interesting to note that we share the Amanda the Dermatologist. Perhaps I’ll see you at the Wednesday meeting.


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