Errand Boy

Not too exciting a day for a vacation, mostly running errands and taking care of business. PJ had a dermatology appointment in La Costa so we started our run with that stop. I sat out in the lot overlooking the burnt out canyon behind the doctor’s office and wrote up a post for the day before. Another beautiful sunny mid-seventies day in Southern California.

When PJ was done, we had a little time to kill before my follow up with the surgeon who had done my hip replacement. We did some shopping at Dick’s sporting goods for a new pair of trunks for me. They were on sale at 40% off since it is going into fall, not that fall is such a big thing in San Diego. Anyway, I was glad to save a buck or two and found some board shorts that’ll fill the bill. I also got a small headlamp for reading at night. The surgeon’s office was right across the street, so PJ dropped me off and headed to the car wash. Thankfully, the wait was shorter than the usual hour and I soon got to chat with the doctor and look at the x-rays. The bone is growing nicely around the implant and I’m cleared to do pretty much any reasonable activity that isn’t too bone jarring.

Dr. Ball, hip master

The Old Honda gets a bath

Not that we really wanted to, but it had to be done – we paid a visit to the storage units. Somehow the giant pile of miscellaneous home goods always seems a bit overwhelming. We assessed the situation and made plans to consolidate things and grabbed a few items out of the locker before heading back to the apartment for a dip in the pool. The homeowner, Reza came out and introduced himself and we spent a few minutes getting acquainted. We had a restful evening just hanging around the place and taking it easy.

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