Fall has Arrived

The weather has started to turn and the dog days of summer have, sadly, returned to their kennels for another year. Unlike California, when the season changes here in Rhode Island there is no mistaking the shift. Doesn’t seem so long ago that I was arriving as spring was moving into the northeast. The trees were going from bare to flowering glory and the jays and cardinals were cavorting from tree to tree.

Pete had always been famous for having the greenest lawn in the neighborhood and for his sparkling clean doughboy pool. We’ve done our best to try to honor the tradition by continuing the legacy. We got the pool up and flowing early and spent many hot afternoons escaping both the heat and the sometimes claustrophobic atmosphere of our situation. I became well known at the little swimming pool supply store on Warwick Ave. asking questions and restocking my arsenal of chemicals.

Picking Blueberries

PJ and I have developed a close knit community of friends that help us through the days when times get tough. I have a crew of guys that lend support. On warm summer evenings, the group that attended the New York retreat would meet in the backyard for a book club. We’d gather to barbecue and pontificate on all things spiritual. PJ and I occasionally slip off for a day trip, but it’s rare as PJ is the full time care giver for her mom. Her sister came for visit earlier in the summer and we managed to sneak off for one night away at a local hotel, the NYLO sitting on the banks of the chemical laden waters of the Pawtuxet River. An old textile mill that has been converted for lodging hipsters.

The hip has improved to the point that I rarely notice that it has been replaced. We’ve done some two hour bike rides along the waterfront into Providence with no issues. A morning favorite is a roll through the park using the bike path at Rocky Point. PJ had a herniated disc in the spring and it still flares occasionally. We try to keep the joints lubricated by keeping active at the nearby Planet Fitness.

Cali has put on some pounds and we seemed to have found a medication protocol that works to keep her on an even keel. She moves a little slowly and stiffly, but she’s still in motion. The squirrels all laugh at her when she steps out to tentatively give chase knowing she’ll never even get close to catching them these days. Unfortunately, a month or so ago, she was easily able to catch up with a skunk in the backyard and got an oily face full of sulfuric spray for her hot pursuit.

Yellow Dogs Rule

Hiking at some unpronounceable reserve with Kim

In August, Kim came out for a week and we were able to have a short respite to attend my Dad’s 90th birthday and spend some time with friends back in California. Since then, it has been more of the same back in Warwick, making Carole’s 10,000th seafood salad sandwich and working on plans for future directions. Changes are afoot and the landscape may be heading for some change. Time will tell.

10 thoughts on “Fall has Arrived

  1. I really enjoy reading your observations, Mike! I think you missed
    Will the last time you were here in CA. He’s in Italy now. Do come by if/whenever you are back on the West Coast. Warm wishes to both you and PJ, and Cali too. Peace, Rosie


  2. Pix absolutely entrancing nature as beautiful as the two of you. You are in our minds and hearts the love for u here is almost overwhelming and bless the time we spent with you. Pray for Caroles health and Dharmas strength and so appreciate ur beautiful posts and ur lovely observations..Love love love from the CA clan


  3. Was great to receive a BLOG! Cali looks great with those big brown/black eyeballs staring at a squirrel? skunk? hopefully not the latter again 🙂
    Have to plead “old and slow” in our delayed response.
    Love to everyone and Cali Dog. Hope to have you back in CA even for a short “winter” visit.


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