Getting Wilson Road Ready

As the leaves begin to change color, more than just the wind is stirring here in the great state of Rhode Island. A team of professional caregivers are set to give things a go here at the house and PJ and I are thinking to slowly work our way towards warmer climes. The short term plan is to camp awhile in the vicinity to monitor the transition then hopefully flee the cold before the holding tanks have a danger of freezing up.

Things moved a little more quickly than we had anticipated or maybe we were sleeping at the wheel, but the past few days have been coming at us fast and hard. All hands (and paws) on deck to get Wilson up for the journey. It’s always an interesting process deciding what to bring and exploring new ways to organize our belongings into our 28 foot space. Items that never saw use are jettisoned and stuff that’s more popular moves up the roster to earn a better position in the storage area line up.

Yesterday, a technician my friend recommended came by to lend a little expertise in the installation of a new MaxxFan vent for over the front cab. Rick was competent and friendly and soon we had the two way ventilation system up and working. While he was toiling away on the roof, I was under the motorhome drilling the holes in the frame to attach the upgraded heavy gauge anti-sway bar. It turned out to be a little more of an effort than I had anticipated, so I had to leave the finishing up for the following day. The largest bit I have is 1/2” and the bolt requires a 17/32” hole in order to fit.

This morning, I started my day with a visit to Salk’s Hardware over by PJ’s old high school where I found the bit and an adapter for the socket that I needed in order to use the torque wrench with the size sockets that I have. Everything was going along pretty well, a bit slow but okay until the overachiever in me took over and I decided to back out the bolts on the bushings that hold the bar onto the axles and add thread locker on them and put them back on. Somehow, I managed to cross thread one going back in and totally jacked things up. Now, there was nothing to do but go back to the hardware store for a new bolt and a tap to get things straightened up. Tapping out the threads was a new one for me, but it was easy enough and by mid afternoon, my Roadmaster heavy duty sway bar was all set.

The rest of the day was a race against the clock to get the RV organized and all of our gear packed away. A full day of non-stop activity until late evening when we ordered pizzas and took a break to watch double New England sports with the Patriots playing football and the Red Sox suiting up for game two of the ALCS championship series. Feeling the fatigue, but I think we are good to go for a morning start for a new adventure for Wilson.

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