Sunny Skies

We’ve been getting in a lot of practice on our stand up paddling these past few days. The weather’s been warm and the ocean fairly calm. PJ’s looking downright professional as she paddles along the coast hunting for a wave to catch. Yesterday we had a good long session before heading off to the serenity club for a noon time meeting. We had been there before in 2016 but had completely forgotten until we pulled up to the building. Other than running a few errands and grocery shopping, we have been spending most of our time at the beach.

Dropping In

PJ set up camp in our little shade tent and had a long phone call with her cousin Holly in New Hampshire while I flew my new ninja turtles kite on the low tide sand. Bikes, books, surf, dog walks and quiet moments around camp, these are the staples of our days. Cali has made a few friends around camp, both canine and human and we have as well. Last night PJ rented ‘A Star is Born’ so we watched that on the blue ray player.

This morning had us all up for another golden sunrise out on the hard packed low tide sand. Today had the lowest tide I’ve seen so far leaving lots of shells and other debris washed up on the shore. I came upon a jellyfish in a tiny pool of water that was still pumping its bell trying to escape its fate. I picked him up and walked out into the water and gave him a good toss out to sea. Hopefully it bought the slimy little creature a bit more time to do whatever it is jellyfish do for amusement.

Help Me!

More stand up paddling. I bought a little shoulder strap that has been working pretty good to help haul the board down to the beach. There’s another SUP riding guy in camp, also named Mike, who we see out in the water often. We talked surf today and paddled around chasing little peelers with him. The wind came up strong in the afternoon. There is another nor’easter on the way that is supposed to bring rain and wind for the next two days. We put our gear away and covered up the bikes. We’ll see how it goes.

Our bro Mike milking a small one

Bring on the Sun!

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