Windswept Butler Beach

Tuesday night the sky opened up and the rain fell in sheets. The blustery wind had the RV rocking back and forth as we tried our best to sleep. Wednesday morning arrived cold and rainy not letting up for a moment until nearly midday. We ventured out once in a while to walk the dog but mostly stayed inside listening to a Joe Dispenza video and doing some meditation. Nice, quiet day with nowhere to go and nothing pressing to look after.

Thursday was dry but the wind was holding steady at around 30 mph with some stronger gusts blowing through from time to time. I brought Cali down to the beach for the sunrise but she smartly refused to go any further than the overlook on the northern boardwalk. We tarried there awhile then returned to the campground and walked around inside the park to get her morning exercise.

Determined not to spend the day indoors, PJ and I laced up our shoes and began walking up the beach northbound into the howling wind. There was a surprising number of people out obviously with the same intention, some kids even brave enough to jump onto the roiling inside waters of the Atlantic. As we neared the pier, lots of sunbathers were using the pier and the wall along the beachfront as windbreaks.

Not everyone has the same aversion to strong winds as others do.

It had taken us an hour and 20 minutes to reach the pier. We paid our nominal entry fee and took a walk out onto the St. Augustine Beach pier. I had to secure the hat to keep it from getting blown overboard. Plenty of fishermen were out wetting a line and even a few other hearty tourists were taking in the sights from the creaking boards of the wave battered wharf. We were really having a good time getting whipped around by the wind. For some reason today, it seemed extra amusing.

All of the walking around had whetted our appetites, so we walked up A1A to the Sunset Grill and got ourselves a table inside to have a respite from the wind. The food was good and plentiful and the outing had a date like quality to it. We took our time and enjoyed being together in a vacation style atmosphere.

We walked part of the way home along the highway, then crossed back over to the beach for the rest of the walk home. A pleasant afternoon with six miles of walking added in as a bonus. In the evening, I went to the local salon for a trim and grabbed us a light dinner of sushi while I was out. Easy resting and a fun, active day.

One thought on “Windswept Butler Beach

  1. Sorry I haven’t kept in touch this week. My brother passed away this AM after 3 days in Hospice. PJ, you’ll be glad to know that on Monday he asked the doctor to call me to come see him. What a difference from 2 weeks ago when he threw me out and to told me to “screw” myself. I went and told him I loved him and he let me know that I had hurt him. Thanks to our program I was able to beg for his forgiveness. He accepted my apology and told me he always loved me. Every day this week he accepted my kisses and love and returned them. GOD IS GOOD! Love you, Meema


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