Is that a Floating Head or a Coconut?

The sun is back and the days are warm and mild. The wind has slowed to a moderate breeze, but still enough to keep the waves a bit jumbled up. There is a little residual surf from the storm so we have been taking advantage of the weather and splashing around on our belly boards. Other than that it has been a mellow few days at the beach.

Lots of people are loading up and heading back north. On April first the campground raises its rates to exploit the spring breakers and Easter crowds so all of snowbirds vacate their winter haven and hit the road. We are slowly organizing our gear getting ready to head back to Hanna Park on Monday.

One thought on “Is that a Floating Head or a Coconut?

  1. Great surf for belly boarding! I can remember plain old body surfing when I was a kid. What fun we had living in Narragansett. Enjoy the nice weather while you can. I’m going to KIS tomorrow but will attend Ray’s funeral on Tuesday –sad. Love to you three. Meema


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