Lazy Memorial Day

We were extra laid back today, lolling around camp for most of the morning while all of the neighboring campers packed up their bags and hit the road back to their daily grinds. By mid afternoon there was only us and one other camper at this end of the campground. Nice and quiet.

We made a run into the small town to pick up a couple of things and look around. Not much going on in Cape Charles. We parked over by the boat ramp when we got back and walked around on the fishing dock. There were still quite a few people not giving up on their three day weekend just yet. Lots of fishing and people wading around in the shallow water with crab nets scooping up what blue crabs they could coax into their trap.

PJ was giving me a hard time for taking pictures and took over the camera duties. A few boats were in the calm area within the ring of old sunken boats. The weather day had cooled off to a very comfortable mid seventies level.

There is a small butterfly garden over near the playground so after leaving the dock we took a quick look to see if there were any migrating butterflies to see. Not really, but there was a sweet deer munching on plants over near the tree line. We didn’t tarry long as the bugs were starting to emerge. We returned to the now oddly calm camp and relished the peacefulness of the post Labor Day quiet.

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