This morning was relatively calm after last nights thunder and lightning. PJ was up before dawn doing her meditation, yoga and reading. I slept in then lounged around doing my best to stay out of the way. In the late morning, we got the paddle boards out and walked under the bridge to the beach. The sun was shining and there was a strong offshore wind with a bit of a side shore blowing north. There were a number of surfers milking the mini waves directly in front so we paddled and drifted up to the north about a half mile then tried our hand at catching some of the short waves that would finish right on the sand. We had a lot of fun spending close to two hours frolicking in the sparkling offshore surf. We had to keep half an eye out to make sure we didn’t get blown too far from shore.

We showered up and decided to head into Bethany Beach and have lunch at the Cottage Cafe, a casual spot I looked up on TripAdvisor. The special was a crab burger so I gave it a try while PJ had a bowl of soup. The food was good and it satisfied our post surf appetites. There was a bike shop next door so I picked up some new grips for PJ’s bike so I can change out her shifters.

Bethany Beach is a cute little tourist spot with lots of specialty stores along the waterfront and a boardwalk for people to stroll along in the small but busy central district. There weren’t many people out and about today being a weekday and 95 degrees with plenty of humidity. We checked out a few beaches and had a quick look around then headed home to check up on Cali.

We took a spin through the marina that is just behind the Coast Guard station. Most of the boats were back in and the bay front restaurant was busy catering to the boating crowd. The fish cleaning and market area where they buy the fishermen’s catch were still doing a bit of business and we had a look at the commercial zone along the bay where the kayaks put in.

We had a relaxing evening hiding from the ever present flies and the noseeums that come out at sundown. We ventured out for the sunset but Cali was no match for the flies so we took her home. A while later the wind kicked up and the lightning show started up again over the northern sky. The breeze knocked back the bugs so we were able to sit out under the blue glow of the bridge and watch the free light show. We battened everything down but no storm ever really materialized just lots of electrical activity. It cooled off enough that we were able to ditch the air conditioning and enjoy the comfortable breeze while we slept.

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