Last Day on Cross Lake

PJ woke up early and sat with Laura out on the lake shore drinking coffee. I sat in front of the RV and worked on a post for the activities of the day before. The four girls were geared up for a walk so they headed off down the road while I put chairs and mats away getting ready for tomorrow’s departure. I put the mile 2390 sticker on the back to brag about covering the entire length of route 1 from Key West, Florida to Fort Kent, Maine. I applied the sticker map for Canada above the US sticker map in anticipation of adding new provinces to the road trip come tomorrow.

When the ladies returned, PJ and I headed off to Stockholm to order up steaks from Anderson’s store in the little New Sweden enclave. We dropped some mail at the quaint post office then visited the meat market, purported to have the best quality beef in the area. We selected seven of the best looking NY strips and had them wrap and hold them until we got back from our errands in Caribou.

We hit the noon meeting at the Bread of Life soup kitchen. A small group based on reading the big book. Some really laid back folks focused on quality recovery. One gal was from Jacksonville and was totally familiar with Hanna Park and the meetings we attended on Penman and knew a few of the people we had made friends with there. We talked awhile after, then continued on in search of fish options and other items for the dinner P.j and I wanted to put on for the Cross Lake Crew as a thank you for the fantastic hospitality. We got fish and salad fixins at Hannaford then raced over to the local bakery minutes before they were set to close. PJ ordered up a box full of mini cheesecakes for tonight’s dessert. Then we hit the Holmes roadside stand for some fresh New Sweden organic mini potatoes before hurrying back to Anderson’s to pick up our package of steaks. We finished our excursion with a final stop in at Hebert’s roadside stand for a handful of scallions to complete our list of necessities for tonight’s feast.

Back at the house, it was definitely time for a quick nap. We rested up then joined Jim for a ATV ride out to Long Lake for a final gander at the views of the mountains across the lake. The trail out to Martin’s store is really scenic going tightly through pretty stands of trees. We went slowly past the area where Kami and Rachel had seen a moose earlier in the day, but no luck for us. We’ll have to be content with their moose photo and keep searching up in Canada.

Kami and Rachel’s Moose

PJ and I prepped the potatoes and put together a nice salad. Lance fired up the barbecue and Jim took the helm on grilling up the steaks and fish. It all came together for a delicious feast and nice dinner as we all gathered around the table to eat. Their son Matt had arrived in the afternoon so it was nice for Laura to have the whole family together at the camp. After dinner, Jim lit up a campfire on the shore and everyone gathered outside to look at the stars and enjoy the warm summer evening at the lake. A thousand thanks again to Laura and Lance for putting us up, family time with the cousins and providing all the fun experiences for us greenhorns from the south.

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