On to Prince Edward Island

Cali had me up at dawn for a campground walk. I went to the benches that overlook the colorful boats of Alma and waited for the sun to rise over the headland at the far end of the bay. I felt a migraine coming on and had to sit out the visual aura on the bench. The second one in as many days. It passed as the sun cleared the horizon but it left me feeling out of it for the remainder of the day. The sunrise and view were still spectacular.

We slept a little longer then closed up our camp and set sail for Prince Edward Island. We drove the road back past Hopewell Rocks. It is a few minutes longer but it avoids a lot of back tracking and highway driving taking us along the Bay of Fundy and quintessential New Brunswick farmlands. Small towns and rolling forests until we reached the more populous area around Moncton. We found a sports field and park where we took a break. PJ walked Cali while I rested in the back. A sandwich and a seltzer then back behind the wheel.

It was highway for a while but soon returned to single lane country driving. I get a pack of followers after a while then find an easy place to pull over and let them pass. Soon we were driving across the long bridge over the Northumberland Straight that brings into the province of Prince Edward Island.

The GPS took us down some questionable back roads even going dirt for a short stretch through some potato fields. We soon found ourselves pulling up at the kiosk to get checked in at PEI National Park. We timed it to arrive along with a large crowd of other weekend campers and had to line up to get our permit. Camped up at last. As we went to look around we noticed all of the “Prudence – herbe a le puce” signs and realized we were camped in a poison ivy patch. There’s tons all over the park. It kind of puts a damper on letting Cali roam around camp.

We walked down to the beach and put our toes in the cool Gulf of St. Lawrence. The wind was howling and the ocean was all white caps. We strolled down to the lifeguard chair and then tired from a long day, returned to the rig for a nice dinner.

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