Straight Outta’ Long Beach

The dog once again had me out early, so after seeing to her needs I put her inside and trucked down the chilly beach to the southern jetty where I climbed up on the rocks and caught another sunrise over Oregon’s northern mountains.

With the great weather we have gotten, we decided to take advantage and stay one more night at Cape Disappointment. We really enjoyed the beach front bike path that follows the shore down to Long Beach so today we rode it all the way to the end then turned up the road into the cool little town of Long Beach.

The downtown is about a mile long strip of old school clam shacks, mini golf an d other tourist trap style businesses. It’s famous for its chowder and this coming weekend’s razor clam digging festival. PJ took my picture next to the world’s biggest frying pan then we made our way back to the bike path and hammered our way back to camp.

It was a beautiful afternoon, so we took Cali out for a long foray down to the northern end of our beach out in front of the campground. It was low tide and we poked around in the rocks at the end checking out the tide pools. The moon was hanging large in the eastern sky looming over the beach and announcing the coming sunset.

We returned to the spot where the campground path exits at the beach and stood watching the final moments of the day with several of our neighbors. The sunset was spectacular and a fitting end to a great stay in southern Washington.

One thought on “Straight Outta’ Long Beach

  1. My folks have a cabin in Long Beach! They were literally up there a week ago for the clam dig. It is such a gorgeous part of this country. Glad you’re enjoying.


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