Lounge Mode

Finally starting to feel whole again. I had an easy morning having breakfast on the beach while watching the seabirds diving into the shallows to begin their day with a stomach full of fish. I did some writing, stretching and meditation in the shade of the palapa before stirring from my nest and riding the bicycle the few short blocks to the hardware store to pick up a new piece of weather stripping for the shower door. They had something that looked close so I bought it then took it home and got it to fit tightly into the groove of the aluminum door frame. Looks like it will do the trick. Strike one more item off of my to do list.

Pleased with my morning chores and having worked up a sweat, I decided to go for a paddle out to the island in front, Isla Cocinas. It was eleven by now and as I was stroking my way out there, the wind began to come up strongly. I’d been paddling steadily for almost a half an hour and the island didn’t seem to getting that much closer. Not wanting to get stuck out there, I aborted the mission and turned north into the wind and headed to the rocky point that marks the outer perimeter of the bay.

I reached the lee wide of the headland and got a little coverage from the wind. I had a look at the fish pen by the point to see if I could see what kind of fish they were raising. I couldn’t see any fish. I guess if I could see them, the eager birds hanging around the rim would have been able to eat them, so they must stay deep. The galleon is still there getting worked on by some locals. I continued past the party beach area and made a wide arc back to the Red Snapper.

I grabbed my little foam board and did some body surfing then it was time to lounge in the shade and get some reading taken care of. The hammock was calling and I felt compelled to answer. The afternoon lazed away with an occasional dog walk or jump in the sea. Dinner consisted of reheated barbecue chicken from the pollo lady yesterday. Not much to report, chatting with the few other campers (4 rigs total here), playing with the puppies, flying my kite and watching a golden sunset. I packed some things away in anticipation of tomorrow’s departure and got to bed early.

3 thoughts on “Lounge Mode

  1. Good for you having a relaxing day. I love the picture of the puppies – too cute! Where are you heading next? Wherever it is, drive safely and stay well. Love to you and Cali. Meema


  2. Those puppies are the cutest! Then look at the feet :O Too big for the rig, and Cali LOVES being “Dog Central”
    Drive SAFE, we love you! All is well here in SOCAL


  3. Hmmm puppies. So tempting… As we both know, so fun, and so much love, care, attention, exercise, etc. And if we, and they, are fortunate, 16 years or more!! So blessed by our sweet little clan, love Cali so much and sure miss Charger, Koda & Eddy. Some day down the road… for now though, no puppies. We are on the same page. Love you My Man.


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