San Patricio Tianguis

Didn’t have a whole lot on the agenda today. I was relaxing lagoon side writing on my tablet and sipping tea. Brian came by and told me that today was San Patricio’s market day so by eleven o’clock, I figured I’d better head into town. I rode my bike and rolled up and down the side streets just to get an idea of what the area had going on. I came to the tianguis, a row of tents and booths five or six blocks long. A lot of he same wares at many stands; tile wares, glass, jewelry, blankets and artisan crafts. Other areas had food stalls and vegetable vendors. Then there was the usual tables full of really cheap Chinese home goods for the non-tourist population.

Sunrise over the tules

I picked up a few things as I slowly picked my way through the crowds in the sultry humid afternoon air under the big tarps. Lots of gringos in this area. It is really three areas in one, Barra de Navidad, San Patricio and Melaque but they all run together like Cardiff, Encinitas and Leucadia. It’s hard to tell where one begins and the other ends.

Rolling up puros for Dave G.

New wedding ring to replace titanium one I can’t seem to find

I joined a family sitting at a taco stand right in the center of things and ordered a torta. It was the perfect people watching venue at the convergence of two streets with markets up and down each side. A healer with herbs and concoctions across from me and the fabric lady with all of her cloth and sewing goods to the left while hawkers of Taxco silver had tables lined with beautiful jewelry on the long aisle to the right.

A rare gringo on the squeezebox

I did some more roaming on the bike going out to the highway to the Oxxo then up a different entry road to the beach at Laguna El Tule. Hung out with Cali reading my book and lolling in the shade like a businessman in Miami. I did a brief foray for a swim in the pool that we share with the hotel, but it was too much going on for my slow moving mind. At four thirty, I saddled up and rode on over to the community church where the Wednesday AA meeting was held. A good and lively crowd, close to thirty people. A half hour speaker then sharing from the group. Happy to be part of it. Haven’t seen a meeting since Lo de Marcos.

I parked up at Frog’s restaurant close to home and ate a shrimp quesadilla before returning to the campground to catch the sunset for the evening. Clouds rolled in and stifled the sunset, muted the colors and darkened the evening. Some skim boarders were flying into the incoming surf sliding down the steep sand to blast off the lips ow spray. Another day down on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

4 thoughts on “San Patricio Tianguis

  1. Love your new wedding ring. Your having a shrimp quesadilla sounded really good to me. The surfer dude looked like he was going to splat onto the sandy beach -ouch! Enjoy the sunshine. Love, Meema


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