SUPs and Yoga

Yoga was on the itinerary for this morning. Chuck and Sharissa came by and we drove along the dirt roads to Lola’s in Avellanas where they have the classes on a 2nd floor deck overlooking the surf break. It was good for the body and good for the soul. A relaxed group and peaceful vibe. A little cattle dog picked me out of the crowd and came to lie next to me while I stretched. A sweet way to start the morning.

The yoga session is on the upper deck of the restaurant so it only seemed natural that we slide into chairs on the sand for a plate of gallo pinto afterwards. The beach was relatively uncrowded, a few euros and people learning to surf. A smattering of vendors stood around forlornly hoping maybe a few more tourists might arrive to earn a few colones for the day. That’s one of the things that is new to me for Costa Rica. I’d never seen the Puerto Vallarta style beach vendors approaching you to buy trinkets or refreshments. The breakfast was tasty and the view was awesome. Chuck and Sharissa know everybody in the area and the waiter was quickly over to the table proudly showing pictures of his new daughter on his cell phone.

Fresh baked bread

A nap was suddenly sounding like a good idea so we headed home for a little R&R. The house is an amazing place to hang around. Tall ceilings and cool breezes. We got rested up then got a call from Kevin, the paddle board guy, about some used SUPs he had on offer. We drove over to his place. Turn next to the painted cow, they told us. He had a couple of decent Riviera all rounder shapes. We negotiated a fair price and stoked as young groms, we loaded them on the racks and headed home.

We rented a cat for our stay

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and the reef out front was calling us. Armed with snorkels and water camera, we stepped out the back gate and waded into the warm, blue sea. Totally refreshing. Colorful fish were waiting for us on the seaweed adorned rock reef. We stayed until the sun was low then headed up to the house.

Another casual dinner of baguettes, cheese and fruits was served up along with a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and local cheese. The remnants of the orange glowing sun still lingered as we sat outside on the deck with the evening breeze to keep us cool. Can feel the sun on my shoulders.

8 thoughts on “SUPs and Yoga

  1. Mike, you are definitely in your element! You really look happy, joyous and free. That’s quite a hacienda you’ve rented. It looks beautiful. Remember – the cat is a RENTAL! PJ, your smile is radiant. I’m so happy for you. You both deserve that paradise. Love, Meema


  2. We think I got the “ Costa Rican phone set up” butt call! Hehehe
    You both look great, the scenery is spectacular, and love that THE BLOG IS BACK 😃



  3. Hi kids, is all I can say is WOW!! Mike how do you carry that board, it’s giagantic! PJ your smile would light up the earth! It is beautiful there but I would be nervous with all the creatures! Love you both, enjoy, enjoy!!!! Tutu


  4. Paradise on earth-your smiles convey the peace and happiness you deserve. Looks like it’s a fantastic set-up. Beth


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