I’ve never been to England, but I kind of like the Beatles……..


Well, we made it out to needles. Like the 3 Dog Night song, we pulled into town a little after noon to bask in the 115 degree weather. Lexi drove like a champ up the grade to Barstow. The temperature never went over the half way mark (210 degrees). We slowed to about 45 mph on the toughest stretch but had no problems. Once out of Barstow, we set the cruise at 55 and flowed along effortlessly. I found an RV park on the Internet with good reviews. Not on the river but nearby, claiming to have a nice pool instead for cooling off. Hmmmm, the pool is greener than Lake Elsinore which is pretty darn green. Elsinore bubbling on the left, the pool on the right. I can’t see my feet.

image image

I had already leveled the motor home and got the AC plugged in and started, so we’re overnighting here nonetheless. Besides the green pool, it seems to be a pretty nice spot for the night. I’ll know more after it cools down and I dare to step outside. We are holed up for the moment waiting for things to cool off.IMG_0425

Our last few days in Elsinore were pretty non-descript. Morning and evening dog walks around the lake and “marina” next door. Lots of lounging, reading, napping and planning. IMG_0357One night we were walking next to the big open brush area behind our campsite when the coyotes starting howling and calling to one another. They were right there just out of sight in the brush. It was spooky and the dogs were freaked. We got them back up to the fire pit area as quick as we could.

Locals were friendly and things were quiet. All in all, a good little break.

This morning we were up at 5:45 packing things up and disconnecting from our site. Walked the hounds and made sure nothing was left behind. IMG_0419We got on the road about an hour later. We paused briefly in Barstow for waters and bagels. We found a shady spot and let the dogs have a quick break. Cali was shaking for the first part of the drive, but soon got used to the motion and calmed down. If I can just get her not to pant on my tea cup, that would be an accomplishment.

It is now approaching 4:00 pm and there is no break in the relentless heat. Dropped a degree to 114. Hourly forecast has it in the hundreds until after 11:00 pm when it hits 99. Tonight’s low will be 88. We did a load of laundry and I jumped in their green pool. Didn’t get my head in the water. Used the outside shower to wet myself completely. We took cold showers and went back into hiding until our clothes are dry. Not much signs of life here. IMG_0441Lots of rigs parked, but everyone is closed away indoors. A new couple was setting up across from us as we walked back after showering. We are locked up inside Lexi waiting for sundown to walk the dogs. Pavement is way too hot for their tender little feet.

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