Happy 88th Birthday, Raymond G.


Hey Pop. We are wishing you the best of birthdays. 88 big years! You are awesome. Thanks for all you do for us and the family. You are our rock. Hope you have a great day. Miss you guys.  Much love.


Mike and PJ

We are just pulling out of Santa Fe and headed to Ute Lake


4 thoughts on “Happy 88th Birthday, Raymond G.

    1. Hi Sweet Friend!!!! Man do I miss you. I know how full your schedule so appreciate so very much the fact you are staying in touch and reading and commenting on the blog. I miss our dinners together and think of you both often. Want to hear where your next adventure is?!! Also think of you Rodell when I do yoga and when I should and Don’t!!! LOL!!😄❣


      1. Miss you too💞 What an adventure. You two are seeing this beautiful country of ours. Love following your adventure.
        Heading to Breckenridge for the month of September. You coming thru Colorado ? What beautiful pictures you are capturing Love you.


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