Low Stress Sunday


We started our day off with a long walk on the Arroyo Chamisos Urban Trail, one of the many footpaths that meander along the backside of Santa Fe. To access the path, we went out the back gate and hiked down into the arroyo, up the other side where we climbed the steep bank and hopped the little fence onto the trail.



The dogs crawled under. We walked about three miles where we came upon a little park where we let the dogs run free. Koda rolled over and over in the cool, wet grass. We relaxed a while, did some stretches and played with the pups.



We returned the same way we came, dodging the occasional bicycle or jogger. Friendly people out walking, biking, and playing Frisbee golf. Easy going Sunday mood was the vibe. There are a bunch of the little towers with chains that catch the Frisbee to claim a hole of golf. We took a bunch of pictures and enjoyed the perfect weather.



Back at the RV, we made a PB&J, locked the dogs inside then walked out to the bus stop and caught the bus into town. We had a great conversation with a couple from Florida that were staying at the RV park across the street. The bus driver was thrown off when we wanted to exit at Siler St. I guess the free bus fare was only supposed to be for people going all the way to the Indian Market. She scolded us, but let us off the bus. Because of the massive construction project going on, the bus can’t stop at the bus stops along the construction zone, so we had to walk about a ½ mile down the road to get to the Friendship Center. We had plenty of time to spare and arrived a bit early. The noon meeting was a speaker/discussion meeting. A local guy read a little from As Bill Sees It then shared before opening the meeting for general discussion.


Great meeting. We stayed around for about 20 minutes or so afterwards talking to other members. One guy was a retired mechanic and he had a motorhome similar to ours and said the driving characteristics we are experiencing are typical for such a heavy vehicle as ours. Gives me a little more comfort as we head out tomorrow heading down the mountain to Ute Lake State Park.

We walked across the street to the Smith’s supermarket and bought a load of groceries. The battery in my phone was dying and went into a dark mode where I could barely see the screen. I was going to call for a Lyft, but couldn’t see it. The kid at the courtesy booth called us a taxi and after a few minutes Claudio the cabbie pulled up and gave us and our groceries a ride back to space #18 at Los Suenos.


Gave him a fat tip and then put everything away and fed the dogs. They ate a small amount then Cali went inside the RV to nap and Koda crawled underneath the RV to lounge, her new favorite haunt. PJ and I sat at our picnic table and ate salads along with Havarti cheese and a loaf of fresh French bread. Thunder clouds were starting to bunch up over to the north and we put everything inside and PJ went to do some laundry and take a shower and I worked with some pictures on the computer. As the thunder arrived, I brought Koda inside and soon after the rain began to fall. Relaxed in the cool interior of the motorhome and typed up a blog post for our day.

pj poo

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