Rest day on the River

We started our morning with a hike down the trail that runs behind the camp site. It didn’t go too far which was good because every 10 feet or so, there was a spider web to negotiate. The river entry at the end wasn’t as good as the ones closer to camp. We enjoyed breakfast at the picnic table then climbed down the bank in front of our site and had a quick swim in the shallow water. Afterwards, we took the dogs for a long walk around the grassy campground. When we got to the river access near the cat lady’s campsite, we hiked down the steep slope and let the dogs have another swim. The heat was already rising and the humidity feels like Hawaii.

All of the other campers packed themselves up and pulled out this morning. It was looking like we were going to be left alone in a ghost camp. PJ made us some lunch then she relaxed in a beach chair reading and getting in some meditation. I worked on sorting and organizing all of the photos we have taken since we hit the road. I got in a nap and a little meditation, then we decided to go for another swim down the lane where the water is deeper. Thunder clouds started rolling in and the wind kicked up sending thousands of leaves floating down like snow from the tall trees that we are surrounded by. It was surreal and magical. We hurried down to the river and jumped in trying to beat the thunder. The river was coated with leaves drifting down on the water. We were in the water for about 10 minutes when the first peal of thunder arrived. Cali was ready to bolt up the bank and run for the hills so I leashed her up and we all hiked back to camp.

The rain came down, so we hung out inside reading and looking at photos. Some new campers showed up and set up their large trailers about 5 sites down backing up against the forest like we are. Three trailers, appears to be a group of friends camping together. Another couple from Minnesota set up their Tioga down by the riverfront where the cat lady had been.The rain finally abated and we were itching to get outside. We walked the long loop past the check in kiosk and the bat cave. At the far end of the park near the playground, there are a few more people. Seems to be popular because of the amenities for the kids. When we got home, we fed the dogs then I cooked us up some Soyrizo and eggs and we ate it outside at the table watching the neighbors set up. One couple had their own little signpost with their address like plaque on it set out front like a mailbox. Pretty cute idea.

We organized the RV, did some reading and writing. Then time to sleep and see what we decide to do tomorrow.

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