Staying Yet Another Day

Redneck Canoe

The dogs woke us up wanting to go outside at 6:00. Still completely dark as we walked them around the nearly empty camp. We decided we weren’t up for loading everything up and doing another day of driving. After a breakfast of oatmeal and tea, I rode my bike over to the kiosk and signed us up for another day. Rode over to the shower house and got a quick shower. We really do need to get someplace tomorrow to stake a spot for Labor Day weekend, so we don’t get caught out without a place to sleep. 

Back at site 126, it came to our attention that we were running out of water. We slid in the slide out and took the rig over to the dump station and filled up the water tank and got rid of what waste we had. Reorganized then decided to brave the steep hill up to the camp store and grill. Rumor has it that they have internet and hot food. The hill was a grind for about 1 1/2 miles. They did, indeed, have internet but they only cook on Thursday, Fri and Sat so we were out of luck. We found some crackers and I got a little can of tuna. We froze our sweaty bodies in the too cold air conditioning and managed to get some blogging done, thus the catch up posts for the past few days. Now we get the fun part on the downhill ride home.

2 thoughts on “Staying Yet Another Day

  1. hello you Gullivers u r missed we r packing here too Big Daddy and his beloved off on an adventure me and da two buddies miss ya tons keep on keeping on and sharing love love love


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