Appalachian Appreciation

We both woke up early and were feeling extra energetic this morning despite the 43 degree temperature. We set out on a hike up the Boone Fork Trail to have a look at the Hebron waterfall. The day began warming up as we walked along the same foot path that Daniel Boone used to traverse back in the day. This would have been like a main highway for the frontiersman headed to Kentucky.

About two miles in, we came to a little pool and unleashed the hounds. Koda went ripping around jumping in and out of the chilly water trying to get Cali to chase her in. Cali is smarter than that, though and only pursued her to the edge of the icy stream. We explored the little rock and sand beach for a short while then continued up the trail.

The path rose up in elevation for a while leading through tunnels of trees with a floor of piled up leaves and tangled roots to negotiate. Not too much further on, we came to the fork leading down to Hebron Falls. It was a beautiful tumble of big granite boulders lining the sides of the steep canyon with a small waterfall visible at the top with the rest of the water hidden in the rocks as it roared down the mountainside. A pretty place to look at but not so dog friendly with no good places to enter the water and lots of possibilities to fall off the rocks and into the current below. 

After hanging around a while, we realized that we had better get back if we hoped to get out of our campsite by the 12:00 p.m. check out time. We hiked fast on the way out making fun out of challenging ourselves to set a hard pace. The roots were the main worry, always reaching out and trying to grab an unwary foot. 

We returned to camp and hastily packed things up and were only about a half hour late in leaving our lovely leaf covered hideaway.

Long, inglorious day of driving, backtracking to Fort Mill then turning south for Columbia from there. Worst traffic that we have been stuck in since we began this trip so many days ago. We stopped in Columbia for gas and to adjust our grumpy attitudes. The state park we were heading for turned out to be quite a bit farther out of our way than we realized, so we regrouped at the gas pump and found a place in Lexington just outside of Columbia. The Barnyard RV park, one of those generic line ’em up and pack them in style parks you find in the city. Not too bad though. Nice neighbors from New Hampshire and clean, functional showers.
We got parked up, showered and were almost whole again. There were no facilities up at Julian Price so first shower in three days. Whoever invented the shower was a genius in my book. Came out with a whole new perspective on life. The laundry’s in the dryer and we just had some veggie burgers and life is looking good. The dogs are bone tired and snoozing in their beds and we will soon be doing the same.

Miles Travelled: 5,425.                                                                                                                                                                                            Days on the Road: 82

Julian Price Memorial Park – Price Lake

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