Hatteras Beach Day

We took it easy on Sunday. Lots of hanging on the patio reading newspapers and watching people come and go. We have a campsite in the middle of everyone. About 8 empty sites between the neighbor on each side. Nice and private. I took the dogs for a walk on the beach to start the day. Carried my little cup of tea and enjoyed slowly strolling along the sand. Weather was perfect mid-seventies with an ocean breeze.

We rolled out the awning and just stayed in the moment. It was one of those days with no pressure to go anywhere or do anything. In the mid-afternoon, we pedaled our bikes a few miles down the highway to the south. Checked in a couple of surf shops to see what they had in the line of used boards to get me back in the water. Unfortunately the pickin’s were slim and we didn’t see much of interest.

PJ found a dollar store though and that really piqued quite a bit of her interest. I sat out front watching people coming and going while Pam disappeared inside for what seemed like days. She came out with a few treasures that we loaded in our baskets and we continued down the boardwalk. Stopped at another surf shop, DVO, and looked at their selection. Some crappy used boards in the $200s and a new Walden in the $400 range. A little more than I wanted to spend, but still within the small cache I had set aside for surf accessories or the trip. Intriguing offer. We’ll have to think about that one.

Raced each other back down the highway and hit the beach for an afternoon body surfing session. Had my fins and pool kick board. The dogs were glad to be out and about as were a smattering of locals and visitors. Lots of fisherman with their custom little wagons for wheeling all of their paraphernalia out onto the sand. Kite flyers, dog walkers, sun burners and surfers all out for the day. 

I caught a number of fun little waves dumping hard on the shallow sand bar. The drift was strong and I soon found myself down the beach a ways from where I started. Got out and walked back and sat with our crew. PJ had gotten scolded by the beach cop for having the dogs off leash while I was out there. Luckily, he was in a good mood and didn’t stick us with a citation.

The sun was setting as we trudged on back to camp where we cooked up some omelets and watched sixty minutes and a couple of those Caribbean Life shows where people house hunt in tropical places. Slept like a baby after all of the afternoon’s exercise.