Lexington at Sea

Indian River Bridge

The morning unfolded slowly as we took our time getting ready to move on. Showered and fed, we said our farewells to Cape May and drove over to the ferry terminal. We arrived at about ten before one and they had a ferry leaving at one o’clock with room to spare. Couldn’t have timed it any better. We purchased our passage then lined up in the truck lane where a security guy with a mirror walked around looking at the undercarriage while another officer brought over his drug sniffing dog.

“You’re in a heap of trouble boy”
Lexi lining up for the ferry

Maybe it’s the little boy in me, but there is something about putting a car on a boat and then taking it somewhere else that has always excited me. Today was no exception, being on the deck with the sun,wind and miles of ocean was awesome. The boarding was orderly and we went up on the middle deck and relaxed on a bench overlooking the sea. The trip from Cape May, New Jersey to Lewes, Delaware took just a little under an hour and a half. We passed the time eating some lunch and leaning on the rail watching boats go past and admiring the lighthouses and jetties of the Delaware coast as we arrived in the harbor. We disembarked and drove up through the towns of Lewes and Rehoboth. We spotted a Pet Smart and pulled into the parking lot.

All Aboard!

Photo Bombed!

We had a “thunder shirt” that we had bought for Eddie but it only got used a few times. They are tight fitting shirt like wraps that are placed on nervous dogs to supposedly help keep them calm. Garments for varmints. Since the shirt was in brand new condition, we asked to change it for a medium and we’ll give that a try on Cali since she tends to get a little anxious.

A short ride later, we were pulling into the Delaware Seashore State Park which sits on the banks of the inlet of the Indian River. I had originally planned on staying at Henlopen State Park, but they had closed up a few weeks ago. Delaware Seashore sits right under the giant bridge over highway one that allows the inlet to run out into the Atlantic. It’s a nice enough camp, we’ll have to see how the road noise affects us tonight. It seems to have a family atmosphere and is surprisingly full for the time of year. The forecast calls for rain all weekend, so we’ll see how many clear out come tomorrow.

We got a spot along the back row backing up to the Coast Guard compound in the rear area. As soon as the rig was parked, we locked it up and took the dogs under the bridge to the ocean out front. The wind was strong but the temperature wasn’t too bad. Some kids were swimming and a determined surfer was trying to make the best of the sloppy wind chop. The foam from the waves was so frothy that the wind would pick up big sudsy chunks of foam and send them scurrying across the sand like little hovercraft and the curious dogs would give chase.

After being cooped up in the RV on the boat, the dogs were happy to stretch their legs and attempt to catch a flock of sandpipers that were working the sand along the shore. The crowd was sparse and the wind on our faces was refreshing. We returned to camp by following the beach walk that hugged the river bank. This is a popular fishing spot and a number of anglers were trying their luck with out much success that I could see.

Back at the rig, we got everything set up. PJ made phone calls while I scouted out the next stop on our magical mystery tour. Cooked up some grilled cheese and Spinach sandwiches then relaxed for the evening.