Finals Days in Warwick


It’s been a few quiet days of housekeeping activity with nothing too blogworthy going on. We were able to get a number of things accomplished like repairing the muffler on Lexi and taking Cali to the vet for some skin issues she’s been having. Mostly relaxing with Pete and Carole, eating too much ice cream and keeping up with the Red Sox. On Tuesday I swung by Dave’s market and picked up all fresh ingredients and made a pot roast that fed us for several days.

Ready for the Oven

I was having trouble finding a muffler shop that would do the RV. Most had facilities that wouldn’t fit the motorhome on to their lifts. I asked why they couldn’t just crawl under and get the job done, but they used excuses like insurance reasons and such. I found some old school guys up in Coventry that have a shop that caters to trucks. Chuck got on his crawler and rolled under Lexi while I hung around the shop talking with the owner Don and his elderly father Al who hangs out at the shop. Al started the shop over 50 years ago and now his son runs the operation. In less than an hour, the bracket and small hole in the exhaust pipe were welded up and good to go. There’s been lots of rain these past few days, so I got in some wet weather practice driving back down highway 95 to Warwick.

Organizing and Repacking

Today also started out windy, rainy and cold. We spent much of the day getting Lexi ready for the road. I felt silly washing the motorhome in the rain, but she had a large build up of bugs splattered all over the front and side farings of the coach. Free of the 3000 miles worth of baked on insects, the rig was looking a little less embarrassing. Things were packed and new places were found for some things to allow for easier access to frequently used items. Since today was our last full day with the folks, we all piled into the car and headed over to Gregg’s Restaurant on the other side of the airport. Gregg’s is a traditional style diner that is a favorite with locals for its casual atmosphere and large portions. The place was packed and we had to wait for a seat. We enjoyed kidding around and having the time together.



Back at the house, we tortured the oldies with another round of pictures in a slideshow we connected up to the t.v. PJ and Carole are both a little sad that we are leaving and some tears were being shed here and there. We headed to bed early to get a reasonable start tomorrow to continue our adventure on the road to southern climates.