Ocracoke Island

I woke early and took the dogs down to the beach for their last Hatteras walk. We were packed and out the gate right at 11:00. We went down to DVO and negotiated for a while with H.T., the sales guy we spoke to yesterday. He was in trouble with the owners for giving me a price that was lower than what they actually paid for the board themselves, but said they’d honor it anyway. Grabbed a leash, got set up with some fins and gave H.T. a tour of the motor home. Talked awhile in the car park, then said good bye and headed down the island to the ferry.

We stopped at the Hatteras light house and had a look, then checked the surf at the well known break out front. Some decent looking waves with a good sized crowd. We wanted to be sure we made the ferry so we continued on.

Frisco and the southern end of the island took the brunt of Hurricane Matthew’s wrath. The entire roadside was lined with piles of rubbish that used to be people’s home furnishings and belongings. Lots of appliances, mattresses and couches. You name it, it got ruined. Cars, bikes, lawn mowers. I even saw two separate mobie style electric wheel chair things that were discarded. People were out doing rebuilding projects and just generally trying to put their lives back together. Our prayers go out for them.

The ferry to Ocracoke is free as part of NC-12. There were about six cars already there when we pulled in and several more lined up in the 15 minutes or so that we were waiting for the boat to arrive. You all know how I love cars on boats. The ferry took about an hour. They sail about twice as far as the crow would fly weaving and turning in a zig zag fashion to avoid all of the sand bars and shallows that are in the channel. The sun was shining and it was high 70s. Beautiful day to be out on the sea. 

It was close to 3:30 when we disembarked on Ocracoke. We drove a few miles down the road then found a beach parking lot and pulled in. The waves were a bit smaller on Ocracoke, but the sun was shining, the water is 74 degrees and I have a new board so I paddled out for a short session just to see how things feel. PJ called her sister to wish her a happy birthday while I was in the water.

Ocracoke took a beating as well. There was lots of sand and water on the road in places and they had the same roadside trash piles though not as many. We drove into the little village and found the campground. An uninspiring muddy little swamp with mosquitos as big as your head. Well, it’s only one night and it is right next to the ferry landing that will take us back to the mainland at Cedar Island tomorrow.

We want to wish a very Happy Birthday and much love to Pam’s sister Kimmy