Errands and Massages

At ten o’clock, we took the shuttle into the Chedraui store to return a Christmas decoration I had picked up the other day. The price on the shelf was something like $15.00. When I got home and looked at the receipt to figure out why our groceries cost so much, the amount charged for the goofy inflatable train was close to $75 so it was going back this morning. We went in and there were 5 employees standing around the return desk chatting. We got one girl’s attention and she looked at the receipt and went kind of blank. She pulled out a folder for what to do on returns over 500 pesos ($25.00). A guy took the receipt and her folder and disappeared for about twenty minutes while we stood idly by. The manager had to approve the return and he hides out in an office in the back somewhere. Finally, the guy returns and hands her the folder, then I sign her little sheet. She opens the drawer and doesn’t have enough cash. We wait around some more while she rounds up some money for her drawer, but we finally get the thing returned and head off for the Mega store down the street, another Target style market.

PJ’s iPhone had given up the ghost last night, so we were looking for a cheap stand in until she goes home on the 20th. We walked the mile or so to the Mega and checked out the selection. For about fifty bucks, they had a Lava brand Iris 505. Never heard of it, but it was the cheapest thing going. We figured after she gets back from Rhode Island with her new phone, we can get a local SIM and use it in this one. It should also work in Central America when we finally get there so we ponied up the cash and the girl put PJ’s Verizon SIM into it and she was able to call me. There’s some glitches and things to work out, but she can make calls for the moment.

We bought a bunch of dog food and other stuff even though we had just shopped a few days ago. Great Mexican style bakery where you get an aluminum tray and tongs then walk around loading the tray with baked goods for the baker to package up for you. Out in the parking lot had to haggle with the taxi guys but was overcharged anyway. The first guy wanted a bit over the going rate, so I went to another guy pulling in, instead of giving me a price for my destination, he asks the other guy what price and they stick with the first price. We can stand there in the parking lot or overpay and get home, so we climbed in. I just looked at it as the tip being included and instead of giving him my normal tip which would have put it at about the price he charged, I just paid him the fare. It’s all minimal amounts of money, it’s more about being taking advantage of.

We unloaded the groceries and had a nice nap until our massage appointments at 4:00. We walked over to the spa next to the pool and had side by side massages from a couple of strong local ladies. It’s been way too long since I had any body work done. Felt great. We are still getting settled in to the Los Arroyos Verdes lifestyle.

Met Austin, the guy who owns the little tear drop trailer out next to Lexi. They are staying in Vallarta until next week, but he wanted to make sure that the batteries were charged up.

Walked the dogs around the compound, then made some dinner, played some guitar and did some writing.

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